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The Capability Adviser supports Automotive SPICE™ , VDA Guidelines, and ISO 15504 Team Assessments over the Intra-/Internet, creates Profiles, Assessment Reports and integrates Learning Management Systems to distribute already established best practices in the company. The Capability Adviser can be ordered in four different options:

  1. Company Server Solution - installed as a central server in a company with administration of all assessors and assessments
  2. Raspberry Solution - a portable assessment server with WIFI for the assessment team to connect
  3. Cloud Solution - a cloud service hosted by ISCN, easy to use and setup
  4. Laptop Solution - installed on a single laptop for assessments

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Capadv 8.3

Release Notes

Version 8.3 of the Capability Adviser is available! Check out our release notes for more information about the new features we added and the improvements we made to the best assessment tool.


Easy Consolidation

It is developed as a multi-user database portal which supports the work of the assessment team. Assessors working in a team can see the comments and ratings from other assessors during the interview in real-time aswell as add evidences and link them to a given process. There is also the option of using a so-called "report assessor" that can be used to consolidate the results and generate a Word or PDF Report with.


PAM Support

The Capability Adviser supports Automotive SPICE™ 3.1, ISO 15504/ISO 330xx series, ASPICE Extension for ISO 26262, ASPICE Extension for Cybersecurity, Hardware SPICE and Mechanic SPICE. The rules (RL) and recommendations (RC) of the VDA guidelines are displayed per BP and GP during the assessment. Moreover, the Capability Adviser database contains all relationships so that rule violations are identified and displayed to the assessor. Additionally, creating your own domains from scratch or using existing parts has never been easier.



The Capability Adviser has export and import interfaces to different scalable solutions: Server, Laptop, Raspberry Pie, Cloud Account. This allows you to add and change solutions depending on your business needs. The portal features roles for both assessors and business units alike to remain well organized, aswell as administrative roles for e.g. benchmarking and domain management.

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