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Training Programme & Highlights

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Selected Highlights from 2008

SOQRATES Meeting 16.-18.1.2008 S2QI Meeting 23.1.2008 EU Certificates Kick Off Meeting 4.2.2008 ISO 15504 Provisional Automotive SPICE Assessor Course 11.-15.2.2008 Certified Innovation Manager Course 10.-14.3.2008 ISO 15504 Provisional Automotive SPICE Assessor Course 14.-18.4.2008 Automotive SPICE Briefing 19.-20.5.2008
SOQRATES Meeting 29.5.2008 ISO 15504 Provsional Assessor Course 16.-20.6.2008 ISO 15504 Provisional Automotive SPICE Assessor Course 30.6.-4.7.2008 ISO 15504 Competent Automotive SPICE Assessor Course 25.-29.8.2008 EuroSPI 2008 Conference 3.-5.9.2008 Automotive SPICE Briefing 30.9.-1.10.2008 Certified Innovation manager Course 24.-28.11.2008

Representing Certification Background

ISCN is not only a founding member of the INTACS but is in a vice president position of the ECQA, the European Certification and Qualification Association, which is the result of a strategic action in the LLP (Life Long Learning Programme) of the European Union.

The ISCN Training Manager

Mrs Adrienne Clarke, BA, has recently been appointed the position of a training manager. She has studied Media in London and received a BA degree. She has worked as a service manager at a large British organisation and has gathered working experiences also in the Netherlands. She is now located in the ISCN Bray (Ireland) office and manages from there the training and marketing activities of ISCN. Her email is:


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