ISCN has established a dissemination platform with workshops and conferences in different European cities since 1994. Since 1998 this initiative is supported by large Scandinavian research institutions, QinetiQ as Europe's largest research centre, the American Society for Quality, and a large German software quality association.

102 peer reviewed and well elaborated experience reports from 25 different countries and leading firms across the world are available at this site.
From 2001 onwards the EuroSPI proceedings are no more freely available and can be accessed on the basis of an annual fee. For more information you can connect to the EuroSPI - EXPERIENCE LIBRARY with 170 well elaborated and peer reviewed experience reports.
SPI stands for a collection of paradigms, methodologies, and technologies which help to make electronic and software firms more competitive, productive, defined, and quality oriented. SPI is a well elaborated field with industrial applications and experiences  since the end of the eighties across the world.

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This site is under continuous construction and industrial experience reports will be added annually. Please be aware that a database is run in the background in cooperation with Public Voice Lab Austria, and the Hungarian academy of sciences and raters behaving wrongly will be identified.

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