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Is your company in the software development or (public) service business? Exploit the availablility of the VICTORY process improvement training packages developed under the EU Leonardo da Vinci Initiative! The VICTORY training will help you increase the efficiency and reliability of your development and service processes contributing in this way to the satisfaction of your customers and to the increase of your market share.

VICTORY brings Leonardo da Vinci Results flying

Process Improvement Combined apprOach : Business Driven Software Process Improvement with a large collection of experiences. PI (Process Improvement) stands for a collection of paradigms, methodologies, and technologies which help to make organisations more competitive, productive, defined, and quality oriented. It is a well elaborated field with industrial applications and experiences  since the end of the eighties across the world.
In cooperation with a European consortium and supported by the European Union under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme ISCN has established an Internet information site which in future will offer e-commerce, search, and rating functionalities. This will allow European firms to access top class information about Process Improvement on-line and to connect experts across Europe directly. Best REGIonal innovation Transfer :  A model for a teamwork and goal based learning organisation.

This site is still under construction and will develop an E-Commerce solution as a platform for all future results of Leonardo da Vinci Projects in the fields of Innovation, Industrial Development, Information Technology, and Process Improvement.

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