Defect Prevention and Test Sampling Strategy for High Quality and Reduced Cycle Time

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Motorola Communications Israel Ltd.
Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Motorola Communications Israel Ltd. (MCIL) is an industrial company which develops and manufactures radio equipment and radio related products.
MCIL's Development Division is one of Motorola's largest development group outside of the United States, and is involved in many main-line development projects of Motorola's Communication Enterprise (CE).

Motorola's Products and Systems are becoming software intensive at a remarkable rate. In the last five years, the amount of software in MCIL's products has increased dramatically and the number of software engineers has more than doubled. Every development group is experiencing growing dependencies on software development. More and more engineering assets are becoming software intensive, and the company estimates that in the coming years, the software content in its products will grow to 90%, and software will become increasingly vital to its competitiveness and success.

In order to meet the increased market demands in functionality of new products, MCIL needs to constantly apply more engineering resources in the development process.

The company has invested large amount of resources in achieving high quality products and systems, and is eager and committed to preserve this important asset. With new, sophisticated and complex products and systems, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain higher levels of quality while reducing the development cycle time, to "rush" to market.

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