An experience of SEPG Organisation

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Alessia Billi

Trento, ITALY

A key element of the Sodalia Software Process Improvement is the establishment of a Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG), that consists of members of the Sodalia Methodologies Area, completely devoted to activities related to processes and methodologies definition, and of representatives of the software development projects.

The group has been established with the objective of co-ordinating the improvement activities of the company software processes.

The approach to fulfill that objective is based on three key steps: identification of improvement actions, implementation of these actions by work groups, extension to the whole organization.

The achieved results show the benefits of this approach: the company obtained the certification ISO 9001 and has been assessed at level 3 of CMM in an outstanding time frame of about four years.

Company Context
Improvement Steps
Organizational Problems Faced
The Organization of the Software Engineering Process Group
Benefits of this approach