PASS (Pay-roll Accounting and Settlement System)

This project is carried out with the financial support of the European Union under the European Systems and Software Initiative (ESSI). EP Number 21223


Background Information
  Involved companies
   and their roles

Starting scenario

Expected business impact

Implementation of
 Process Improvement
  Technical environment
  Phases of the experiment
  Internal dissemination

Results and Analysis
  Skills Key Lessons
  Technological Point-of-View
  Business Point-of-View
  Strengths and weaknesses

Conclusions and future actions




The PASS (Pay-roll Accounting and Settlement System) project is the first Central and Eastern European ESSI PIE project directly supported by the European Commission. The PASS project is carried out under the ESSI initiative with the financial support of the Commission of the European Communities under the ESPRIT Programme EP21223.

The PASS project started as a new business project of MemoLuX. Its business purpose is to develop a modular, platform independent, integrated networked software system satisfying the functional requirements of EU standards in public accountancy and applicable for the Hungarian as well as for the international market. The system provides direct service among Employers, Employees and Banks. The PASS project is the baseline project for the Process Improvement Experiment.

In the PIE the quality of MemoLuX's development process was enhanced to become well defined and predictable, and during the dissemination supported by ISCN, this PIE is used as a master example to adapt Eastern European processes to the high quality standards of Western Europe, this way facilitating the integration of Eastern Europe into a joint EU in the long term.

Objectives and expected results are improving the control of the development process (QA Unit, structured system analysis, improved testing process, efficient project planning, ISO 9001 documentation), raising the maturity level (CMM) to 3 and achieving compliance with ISO 9001 requirements at this high level of maturity.

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