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What is a Subproject ?

Each project can contain an unlimited number of sub-projects. Each sub-project is structured like a project.

Sub-projects can be of any project type configured into and offered by the system. Each sub-project also has a user group assigned (which should be a subset of the father project's group). So a project might fall into a set of sub-projects each being performed by a subset of the overall team. 
Concerning group administration this would require that a user should be member of the father project before he could be a member of the sub-project. 

How can I view the subprojects ?

You need to select the folder subprojects displayed in the main frame or in the tree in the left frame.

Who can create subprojects ?

Sub-projects can be created by the group members of the father project. However, the assignment of roles to users and the assignment of document flows still has to be done by the administrator.

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