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EuroSPI'98 Conference

The EuroSPI '98 Tutorials

Morning Afternoon
Tutorial 1

Alignment of SPI with Business Strategies

Richard Messnarz is the Technical Director of ISCN. He was one of the experts in the original Bootstrap methodology team from 1990, and is the technical coordinator in the PICO (Combined Methodologies) initiative.
This tutorial is based on the paradigm that are different roads to be followed in SPI, even if the starting position is the same. Everything depends on a number of factors, and the most important one is the business context.

Tutorial 6

"FOCUS-IT (Managing Mental Change)" - The approach of Origin to improve IT-organisations

Bart van der Wal is a senior consultant of ORIGIN and one of the architects of the "Focus IT" method with more than 28 years of experience in industry.
The FOCUS approach is based on the paradigm that complex software improvement projects need a flexible approach, which is tailored based upon the characteristics of the organisation.

Tutorial 2

Process Improvement in Innovation Management

This tutorial illustrates first results of a process improvement action (carried out in parallel in Austria, Ireland, and Spain) where industrial improvement principles (goal analysis, prioriy analysis, measurement, team work models, ...) are applied in non-software organisations that organise the technology transfer and innovation management for IT organisations.

Tutorial 7

Benefits gained by using DSDM for Rapid application development

Paul Taylor (BT, DSDM consortium), Leif Norberg (IVF), Per-Magnus Skoogh
DSDM is about people, not tools. It is about truly understanding the needs of a businees, delivering software solutions that work and delivering them as quick and as cheap as possible. The Dynamic Systems Development Method provides a framework of controls and best practice for Rapid Application Development.

Tutorial 3

A Quantitative Approach to Successful ISO 9001 Implementation

Susanne Lanzerstorfer, Hans Scherzer (APAC)
APAC's experts have up to 20 years experience with software engineering and quality management.
The tutorial deals with approaches that combine ISO 9001 requirements with quantitative assessment methods as a sound tool on the way to TQM. The experience is based on a set of SMEs in Austria and Germany.

Tutorial 8

Adopting PSP in a CMM Enviroment

Dan Naselius (ISPI)
The PSP is an exciting new process improvement technology developed by Watts Humphrey. It introduces engineers to process management, data gathering and analysis and process improvement on a personal level. Engineers trained in PSP concepts are able to more accurately plan their work more accurately, produce real schedules and manage their own performance with data.

Tutorial 4

Improve your estimation process using statistically validated models and analogy sets

Pekka Forselius, Risto Nevalainen (STTF)
The focus is in improved estimation and measurement, based on both company-specific and cross-industrial project data. Currently STTF has collected detailed data from 242 projects in Finland. Based on that material, STTF has developed precise estimation models for functional sizing, productivity analysis, reuse and risk assessment. The tutorial explains the models and gives hand-on guidance in the improved estimation method.

Tutorial 9

to be announced
Tutorial 5

Another Brick in the Wall - or Tear down the Walls.
Integrated Product Development - Capability Maturity Model, IPD-CMMSM

Claus Trebien-Nielsen (DELTA)
Maturity models have grown up to cover all the professional disciplines. IPD-CMMSM is the most recent of the maturity models developed by a collaboration of industry, Department of Defence and Software Engineering Institute in USA. The model focuses on three aspects of product development: process enabling, integration enabling and life-cycle.

Tutorial 10

Improving Best Practice in Software Procurement

Alec Dorling, Leif Norberg, Per Zarin (IVF)
This year the European Commission launched a new programm SPRITE S2. Three of the projects are concerned with best practice in procurement. This tutorial will present a Procurement Best Practice Guidebook, a number of case studies, and a new acquisition assessment model.

Tutorials 1 to 3 are based on the results from projects supported under the EU Leonardo da Vinci Life Long Learning Program. The materials are based on a book "Better Sofware Practice for Business Benefit" which was written by 30 experts from 11 different EU countries (with the contribution from leading companies), to represent the essential link between Software Process Improvement and business success, to be published by IEEE in late autumn 1998.

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