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EuroSPI'98 Conference

16 - 18 November 1998,
Arken Conference Center, Gothenburg, Sweden

In association with
SPIRE'98 - Software Process Improvement in Regions of Europe
EU Leonardo Projects Exhibition
Process Improvement Training Experts Work and Initiatives

The EuroSPI 1998 Sponsorship

EuroSPI 1998 offers organisations who provide services, tools, books, guidelines, and co-operation opportunities in the field of "Practical Improvement of Software Processes and Products" a professional opportunity to meet business and process improvement managers to increase their visibility for The sponsorship can be done in various ways at different price levels, each aiming at mutual benefit for the organisers and the sponsors.

Options for Sponsorship

Social Sponsorship

Sponsorship Options are
Sponsorship Item Amount Services
A Business Lunch company leaflets on tables, and
Day 1 1500 ECU a 10 minutes key note at lunch
Day 2 1500 ECU a 10 minutes key note at lunch

The Social Environment company leaflets distributed
3. Musicians 500 ECU announcing the sponsorship after play
4. Reception 1500 ECU announcing the sponsorship after the political and strategic key note opening the reception
5. Business Lounge 2000 ECU order a business lounge which we will prepare for you to make business on-site

Material Sponsorship

Sponsorship Options are
Sponsorship Item Amount Services
1. Conference Bag 1600 ECU you are the only one promoted on the bag
2. Conference Bag 400 ECU you are promoted with others on the bag
3. Paper 1000 ECU please provide paper with your company name and address on it and we will use it as conference material (thus marketing you)
4. Name Badges 700 ECU you are the only one promoted on the badges
5. Name Badges 250 ECU you are promoted with others on the badges


The sponsor will get the service of visibility creation and promotion, by company leaflet distribution, announcement, and key notes (see previously described options including key notes as services).

What is not included

While the conference partnership will do its best to promote the sponsor, still the programme, content, and decisions remain the conference partnership's responsibility, thus the sponsor has no influence on-site in the decision making process of the conference organisers.

How to Apply for Becoming a Sponsor

Please complete the enclosed application form and fax it to

EuroSPI 1998 Conference Secretariat
c/o ISCN Co-ordination Office
Florence House
1 Florence Villas
Bray, Co. Wicklow
Fax: +353 1 286 5078

Applying for Special Sponsorship

If you have any additional ideas for support and sponsorship, please note that the sponsorship options are not limited to the ones listed in the previous descriptions. It can be agreed and discussed with the conference secretariat who will put you in contact with a manager of the partnership.

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