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The EuroSPI 1998 Exhibition Order Form

Contact Name  
City, State  

We hereby order an exhibition stand at 1355 ECU including the services as outlined in the EuroSPI' 1998 exhibitor package:

____________________   _________________________
Date   Signature

Item Amount per day   No. of items
Overhead Projector 250 SKR    
Slide Projector 250 SKR    
Video Player (PAL/NTSC) 250 SKR    
Video Projector SVGA 2200 SKR    
Screen for Projector 2,4m x 1,8m 350 SKR approx    
PC Pentium 133, 32 MB
including 17 inch screen
1800 SKR    
PC Screen 17 inches as requested:    
PC Screen 20 inches as requested:    

Note: The standard exhibition package will be invoiced by the EuroSPI conference secretariat. The additional technology orders will be forwarded to the local provider who will send you a booking confirmation for the rented technology and will invoice you for this technology.

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