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EuroSPI'98 Conference

16 - 18 November 1998,
Arken Conference Center, Gothenburg, Sweden

In association with
SPIRE'98 - Software Process Improvement in Regions of Europe
EU Leonardo Projects Exhibition
Process Improvement Training Experts Work and Initiatives

Associated Events

EU Leonardo Projects Exhibition on Process Improvement Training Experts Work and Initiatives

There is a half day exhibition of results from EU Leonardo da Vinci projects which have developed training consortia and training material for several aspects of process improvement. Leading projects in the field are being presented, results and experience will be discussed including normal SPI issues as well as the use of SPI principles in non-IT businesses.
A new IEEE publication "Better Software Practice for Business Benefit" developed in one of the projects (PICO) is being presented for the first time.

SPIRE'98 is being held in conjunction with this conference.

SPIRE'98 (Software Process Improvement in Regions of Europe) offers you a dual opportunity. Firstly to find out about existing programmes that can help you, and secondly to listen to, as well as talk to, people from companies who have benefited from similar improvement initiatives. Most events like this are long on theory and short on practice. Not SPIRE'98! At SPIRE'98 you will hear how real small software organisations in Germany, Sweden, Ireland, UK, Austria, Italy, and Spain made valuable improvements. You can do so too! Join us to find out how.

Who should attend?

The workshop will provide valuable insight into SPI in smaller companies, and small departments in larger companies. It is aimed both at managers in small companies looking to reap the benefits of SPI aligned to their own business needs, and at consultants and trainers whose business it is to help them to do so.

What is it?

The workshop mixes case studies presented by smaller software organisations which have successfully improved their processes, with experience reports from the following European Union funded ESSI training and dissemination projects: SPIRE, DonQ-SPI, TAPISTRY, SCATE and LSD. It is co-ordinated by the SPIRE project, with financial support from the European Commission's ESSI programme. The case studies will show you what can realistically be achieved. The experience reports will help you to answer these questions: Once you know the answers to these questions, the people to help you will be available for consultation and advice.

Free Materials

If you decide you can make improvements with no extra help, we can support you with free material:

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