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EuroSPI'98 Conference

16 - 18 November 1998,
Arken Conference Center, Gothenburg, Sweden

In association with
SPIRE'98 - Software Process Improvement in Regions of Europe
EU Leonardo Projects Exhibition
Process Improvement Training Experts Work and Initiatives

The Architecture of EuroSPI'98

What does EuroSPI offer?

EuroSPI offers a vast array of experiences in SPI and mixed contributions from world-wide leading companies and smaller organisations.

The tutorial day offers a set of half-day tutorials from speakers with wide experience in SPI. Each conference day of EuroSPI starts with a key note session from world-wide leading organisations and the European Commission in the light of the forthcoming 5th framework programme. There will be two parallel tracks with conference sessions. Each session in the conference is assigned a topic (e.g. Metrics Driven SPI) and will contain three selected worldwide papers.

The objective of the conference is to illustrate and discuss most up-to-date improvement approaches, benefits gained and measured, and return on investment.

EuroSPI Tutorials
and associated
16. Nov. 1998
Tutorials SPIRE 1998
EuroSPI - Day 1
17. Nov. 1998
Track 1 Track 2
EuroSPI - Day 2
18. Nov. 1998

EuroSPI'98 offers organisations who provide services, tools, books, guidelines, and co-operation opportunities a chance to meet business and process improvement managers to

The EuroSPI '98 Exhibition

The exhibition runs alongside the two main conference days. Coffee breaks will take place in the exhibition area ensuring that all conference attendees have a chance of visiting the established set of exhibition stands.

The price of the exhibitor package is 1355 ECU and includes registration, the basic exhibition stand, and services.

EuroSPI '98 Sponsors

The sponsorship can be done in various ways at different price levels, each aiming at mutual benefit for the organisers and the sponsors. The above is only a preliminary list, the EuroSPI consortium is open to further sponsoring proposals and agreements that might bring benefits for EuroSPI and the sponsor, in terms of visibility. Please visit the sponsors page in case of interest.

The Partnership

SINTEF Logo The SINTEF Group performs contract research and development for industry and the public sector in technological areas and in the natural and social sciences.

With 1929 employees and a turnover of NOK 1.4 billion, the SINTEF Group is Scandinavia's largest independent research organization. Contracts for industry and the public sector account for 90 percent of operating revenues.

IVF Logo IVF is one of Sweden's largest industrial Research and Training Organisations. Covering the entire product development chain IVF is involved in technology, process and management issues as well as working environment and human factors.
DELTA Logo DELTA is an independent centre for technology and innovation.

DELTA develops new solutions, solves problems and transfers technology in: Electronics, software technology, light, optics, acoustics, vibrations and noise. Total staff is 220 and the annual turnover amounts to USD 23 Mill.

STTF Logo STTF Software Technology Transfer Finland Ltd (STTF) was established in 1995.

Its strongest business areas are software process improvement and project management. STTF organises training related to the areas of IT project management and SPICE method. It provides also estimation and assessment services. STTF cooperates with several international research and sales partners.

ISCN Logo ISCN is a small software and consulting organisation with subsidiaries in Ireland and Austria and co-ordinates a network of associated consulting firms in ten EU countries. Annual conferences have been held since 1994.

The conference partnership gratefully acknowledges the support of the European Commission for the conference and associated events.

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