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1. Product Information

The Capability Adviser Demo Account is available free of charge for one assessor, one project and one assessment. If you would like more assessment or more assessors please contact us at

The Capability Adviser can be also installed on a laptop or server in your company. The following environment is needed:

- Web server
- PHP >= 4.3.x
- MySQL >= 4.x

We provide also an Installation Package which includes the required environment with the Capabity Adviser.

2. License Agreements

LC-AG PJ-01/005 - Customer Identifier

3.1 Risks and Liabilities

Each of the contracting parties discharges the other of any civil liability for any damages itself or its staff may incur as a result of the performance of this agreement, insofar as such damages are not due to a serious and intentional fault on the part of the other contracting party or its staff.

3.2 Applicable Law

The law applicable to the license agreement is the Austrian law, court of Graz, or Irish law, court of Dublin.

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